Awesome Motorbike Tour of Northern Areas of Pakistan

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Special Documentary Of Northern Areas Of Pakistan On Motorbike’s…
Starting From Lahore, Exploring (Babusar Pass, Rama Lake, Tarishing Valley, Nanga Parbat Base Camp Ruppal Face, Deosai Plain, Skardu, Shiger).

Day 1 and 2:
Starting from Lahore to Mansehra city

Day 2:
Mahandri to Kaghan Road

Day 3:
Jalkhad to Besal Road

Day 3:
Chilas to Riakot Bridge

Day 4:
Rama Lake to Gorikot Road

Day 5:
Nanga Barbat Base Camp (Rupal Face)

Day 6:
Shosar Lake (Deosai Plains)

Day 7:
Kala Pani (Deosai Plains)

Day 8:
Shigar to Shangrila

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