Historic Pictures of Pakistan before Independence – Part 1

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Sukkur 1860

The bridge of boats across the Indus River and the Attock fort, seen from Khairabad, taken by John Burke in 1878. John Burke accompanied the Peshawar Valley Field Force, one of three British Anglo-Indian army columns deployed in the Second Afghan War [1878-80], despite being rejected for the role of official photographer.

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Awesome Motorbike Tour of Northern Areas of Pakistan

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Special Documentary Of Northern Areas Of Pakistan On Motorbike’s…
Starting From Lahore, Exploring (Babusar Pass, Rama Lake, Tarishing Valley, Nanga Parbat Base Camp Ruppal Face, Deosai Plain, Skardu, Shiger).

Day 1 and 2:
Starting from Lahore to Mansehra city

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Nathiagali to Mukshpuri Top

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At about 11 am we started moving towards the starting point of Mukshpuri trek. Its a 4 kilometer track starting from Shangrila Hotel Nathiagali; passing through thick pines forests it goes to 2800 meters high feet mushkpuri top. For details of our nathiagali stay, please see my other post A Trip to Nathiagali in December.

It is a very beautiful trek. There are two paths to reach at mukshpuri top, one from the nathiagali, and other from the dunga gali.

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Snowfall on Murree Mall Road

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Latest Snowfall on Murree Mall Road (22-Jan-2012)

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Blue Sheep Hunting in Shimshal Valley

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Blue Sheep Hunting in Shimshal Valley


The domain of one of the largest glaciated regions on Earth with the greatest geological upheavals steeped in the myth of spiritualism seems no way of this world.

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A Trip to Nathiagali in December

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Few days ago we had a short trip to nathiagali, a very beautiful hill station near Murree and Abbottabad, I am not going in details about the place; you can easily find it on wikipedia.

While on the way, due to some issue with one of our coasters, we had a few minutes stay at Changla Gali at Daisy Dot Hotel. That was a good chance to explore this beautiful place, so I had taken few pictures for you people:

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Beautiful Fairy Meadows

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Beautiful view of Nanga Parbat from Fairy Meadows

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